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On the earth, grass, sand, the forces of the four elements of nature, air, sun, water,and earth come together. When we walk barefoot  the whole power of nature wake us up. Free your feet, free your mind.Lily

Explore life barefoot. Leave a natural imprint on earth.

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Peace Lilies are evergreen herbaceous plants. Original from the Tropical America (Colombia and Venezuela) and SouthEast Asia , they were introduced in Europe in 1870s.

They produce a lushly dark green foliage with indented veins. A  single, sail-like spathe, wraps carefully around the flowers giving that unique feeling of peace. Some associate the flower with the white flag of surrender, and probably that’s how the colloquial name was born.

 In a study made by the NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America , The Peace Lilies are celebrated as effective removers of Air pollutants. They classify Number 10 for their powerful contribution to create oxygen and filter toxins such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Toxics found in many cleaning products as well as paints and building material.

Care for your Peace Lily, watering it approximately once per week, but do not leave the soil to dry, keep it moist. The plant loves warmth and constant moisture, if you place it under the bathroom’s window, it will grow beautifully. Every few days, carefully wipe-down its leaves. Use a clean, damp cloth. This will allow the Lily to absorb more water and keep lushly green leaves.

Keeping a Peace-Lily on your desk will help you to be happier just with looking at it, but also more productive because it will generate more oxygen which makes a healthier working environment.

Keep Peace Lilies out of the reach of small children or animals.Chewing its flowers or leaves can be from mild to highly toxic.

Learn about flowers, learn to love nature. Make your house and office healthier place to breathe with a flower, bring more peace to your life with a Peace Lily.

Copyright 2011 by ©Lily Giraud

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