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Only this wish, this desire of wanting to be, of wanting to show others exactly that which we are, is bound to take us beyond.. Lily

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Can you imagine your life without food, water or medicines? Can you imagine your life without dreams?

So many times we avoid helping others because we believe that what we can give, will not make a difference. How wrong we are instead. As each grain of sand comes together to create the beautiful beaches we love, with our simple tiny but precious grain of sand we hold the power to help others to achieve their dreams.

Giving not only empowers us,  it also empowers others in need. It gives meaning to our life and the life of others. Is enough to touch the life of one person to change a whole world. Like the ripple efect of the  pebble when thrown in the water, giving  leads to more connections, makes a stronger world and happier souls.  

The Holidays season could be a starting point for giving. Choose a way to give : give your time, give your love, give your talents, but give and feel the difference.

You can choose this holidays to give a gift of $25 to unique entrepreneurs from around the world, that just like you and me are chasing dreams.

Click here to learn how We Let You Loan to Low Income Entrepreneurs

The mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

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