On the earth, grass, sand, the forces of the four elements of nature, air, sun, water,and earth come together. When we walk barefoot  the whole power of nature wake us up. Free your feet, free your mind.Lily

Explore life barefoot. Leave a natural imprint on earth.

Copyright 2011 by ©Lily Giraud


Writing with the purple ink of the night,
the rain
washes the depths
of memory.
I trusted you my heart, no sword should have cut that bond.
In the shadows grasp ,  nothing remains as it was.

Copyright 2011 by ©Lily Giraud

Only this wish, this desire of wanting to be, of wanting to show others exactly that which we are, is bound to take us beyond.. Lily

Copyright 2011 by ©Lily Giraud

The morning

Cotton white,
the morning falls,
shameless stalking my thoughts…

Copyright 2011 by ©Lily Giraud

Wild horses,tea and scones,
bright nights of white snow,
pink sunsets, raindrops,
scent of mandarines,migrating gulls, mahogany colored chestnuts,
blazing fireplaces,dancing branches of willows,
wild rabbits footprints in the snow,
the moon gleam on the dark road,steam from the boiling kettle,
a voice within,
warm blood, fireplaces,
eyes that love,arms that hold,
all that I am, all that I will be,
a moment of rapture, feelings, shapes and sounds
Winter time.
Copyright 2009 by ©Lily Giraud
“Copyright 2009 by ©Lily Giraud”

Seasons, flowers,rivers,oceans inspiring our heart , leading us gently through life.Lily

Copyright 2010 by ©Lily Giraud

It is love who keeps our life filled with meaning. Societies exist and maintain themselves thanks to the feeling of love. Love rise kindness and compassion. Violence and inequalities, depression, material attachments, talk about love’s absence.

Love is the most fascinating force in the world, it is what make all of us smile, it is  flame to the will and creativity. 

We all long to be loved, nurtured, held, and we seek it in somebody or something else but its self-love what give us all support we crave and what allow us to love others and be loved, to live with passion.

Copyright 2011 by ©Lily Giraud”